The full total outcomes of a randomized, placebo-controlled trial examining the intervention led by experts at the Perelman College of Medication at the University of Pennsylvania are published on the web this week in the journal Cancer. The study may be the initial demonstration of EA's efficacy for both joint pain relief, along with these other common symptoms. The results build upon earlier results reported in November 2013, showing that EA can reduce the joint discomfort reported by roughly 50 % of breast cancers patients taking AIs – the most-commonly prescribed medicines to avoid disease recurrence among post-menopausal females with early-stage, hormone receptor positive breasts cancer tumor.Certified Nurses Day can be an annual worldwide event focused on celebrating certification as a means to help ensure high criteria of patient care also to promote continuing excellence in the nursing job. Proposed by the American Nurses Credentialing Center Originally, your day honors the birthday of the past due Margretta ‘Gretta’ Madden Styles, a global pioneer of nursing certification and longtime friend of AACN and AACN Qualification Corporation.