Tiered higher single-digit to lessen double-digit royalty-like earnout obligations on sales will be paid if the product is approved. In addition, Acorda will believe responsibility for regulatory and sales milestone payments as high as $11 million and single-digit royalties to third celebrations, based on existing Neuronex licensing agreements. Acorda made a short option payment of $2.0 million to Neuronex in the initial quarter of 2012, and offered $1.5 million in ensuing quarters to support certain research and development activities conducted by Neuronex ahead of completing the acquisition.Without the adaptation, being pregnant would have positioned a heavier burden on back muscles, causing considerable discomfort and fatigue and perhaps limiting foraging capacity and the ability to escape from predators. Harvard anthropologist Daniel Lieberman also contributed to the analysis, which shows the key differences between men and women appear in the lower back, or lumbar part of the spine. Individual spines have a distinctive forward curve in the lumbar area, however the curve extends across more vertebrae in females.