For instance, some Medicare recipients are persuaded to join up for free of charge massages within their homes, and Medicare can be fraudulently billed for physical therapy. Or, unscrupulous doctors approve patients for hospice treatment who aren’t terminally ill and may be suffering from something as small as recent weight reduction . CQ HealthBeat: Medicare Official Reminds Insurers Of Consequences Of Low Rankings In an effort to discourage participation in low-performing Medicare Advantage health plans, a high Medicare official Tuesday reminded an market of insurers that seniors who wish to sign up for such plans will have to call the business rather than joining on-line.Ebola outbreak Officials make an effort to support the largest-ever Ebola outbreak that has pass on across West Africa since March and contaminated thousands Teams transporting soap and information regarding Ebola reached about 75 % of just one 1.5 million households in this nation, the ongoing health Ministry said. Rumors that the soap being distributed had been poisoned demonstrated the need for education efforts. Residents possess overwhelmingly complied by residing in their homes however in one incident health workers attempting to bury five bodies 20 kilometers east of Freetown were attacked on Saturday. After law enforcement reinforcements arrived, the ongoing health workers completed the burial. Ebola has also pass on in Liberia and Guinea and a limited number of instances have been reported in Nigeria and one in Senegal.