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We presented our system skin cancer earlier than existing techniques , it recognize may also generate data at least as good as that achieved by a biopsy, says the coordinator. He added that today’s best skin cancer detection rate at 75 %. to our system to reach 95 %, even if people who are not employed with the skin experts. .

PLEASE bE RESULTS source of this story and, IF pUBLISHING ONLINE, PLEASE link to:This article is on this site access to those who want to quote from this copyrighted material or re-publish, you can give it in full written. Prior authorization is not required for the re – publication of articles, but the full allocation is required if publishing online to provide a link..According to the report, about 1 into 20 American women are that are pregnant or given birth in the previous 12 months are suffering from major depression. When of episodes of major and minor depression are combined, as many as in 13 % of women experience depression that. The report defines perinatal depression. During pregnancy and of up to 12 months postpartum.

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Normal, everyday Shared , but often unnoticedAsk a new proof account HHS ‘ Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality notes that depression being as the common in women during pregnancy after the birth after the birth. Health care providers and patients can detect recognize depression during pregnancy because symptoms of depression and such as fatigue, sleep disturbances, emotional changes, and gain weight may also experience with pregnancy.