Sufferers spend up to typically 16 minutes waiting in an exam room before their doctor arrives, and AccentHealth's digital tablet will provide them with a broad selection of content material and interactive features to create more productive usage of this time and plan the doctor-patient discussion. All the content and interactive features may also be available for patients to view down the road their own mobile device or computer, to extend their learning beyond the office visit. The tablet may also provide protected and HIPAA compliant usage of the affected person's online Patient Portal, so they can view their records securely while they wait. The tablet's intuitive design, attractive graphics and engaging videos distinguish the tablet within the true point of care landscape.• What’s the skinny on grass-fed beef and ‘humanely raised’ animal items? Are they for genuine, or a bunch of over-priced hype? • Type 2 diabetes can be a frightening and debilitating condition, but it is preventable completely. Get empowered with the blood sugar solution! • Thousands of people are feeding on raw or raw diets mostly. Is this a nutritional breakthrough, or a dangerous fad? • What are the ‘filthy dozen’ many pesticide-contaminated foods – – and how can you prevent them? • Discover what engineered foods are carrying out to genetically, bees, livestock, and the gene pool of lifestyle on Earth .