Yecai Liu, M .S., Michelle S. Weinberg, M.D., Luis S. Ortega, M.D., John A. Painter, D.V.M., and Susan A. Maloney, M.D.: Abroad Screening for Tuberculosis in U.S.-Bound Refugees and Immigrants Tuberculosis is the second most common cause of death from infectious diseases in the world.1 Through the period from 1990 through 2003, the incidence of tuberculosis increased globally.2 The World Health Organization has reported that Asia and sub-Saharan Africa accounted for 84.1 percent of the estimated 8.8 million new cases of tuberculosis worldwide in 2005.3 Global migration provides affected the epidemiology of tuberculosis in developed countries greatly.

The look and rationale of the analysis have been described elsewhere,18 and the info are reported relative to Consolidated Criteria of Reporting Trials statements for cluster-randomized and noninferiority studies.19,20 Additional study details are provided in the study protocol and statistical analysis plan, which can be found at The analysis protocol was approved by the ethics review table at the University INFIRMARY Utrecht , by the local institutional review boards, and by the antibiotic committee at each participating medical center. Recruitment and Eligibility of Patients Patients 18 years or older with clinically suspected CAP who required antibiotic treatment and hospitalization in a non-ICU ward were eligible for the analysis .