Information garnered from these studies help in an array of life science applications. AB SCIEX can be advancing lipidomics by streamlining and enabling the process of profiling lipids through a straightforward, four-stage workflow. This workflow includes batch digesting of multiple data sets, database searching, organizing and reporting. LipidView Software is part of a full mass spectrometry-based workflow answer from AB SCIEX. This workflow combines the AB SCIEX QTRAP 5500 System with the lipidomics software program to deliver powerful features in a simple-to-use format.Absorb is available in Europe, the Middle East, parts of Latin America, and elements of Asia Pacific, including India, Hong Kong, New and Malaysia Zealand. A lot more than 11 million implants of the MULTI-LINK platform have occurred world-wide. About Abbott Vascular Abbott Vascular may be the world’s innovator in drug eluting stents. Abbott Vascular comes with an industry-leading pipeline and a thorough portfolio of market-leading products for cardiac and vascular care, including products for coronary artery disease, vessel closure, endovascular disease and structural cardiovascular disease.