A red man with islands of normal skin A man has red scaling pores and skin around his body, with islands of normal skin. What’s this dermatosis? Over a four-week period, a 48-year-old man developed almost universal reddish colored scaling epidermis with islands of sparing . The procedure had began on the facial skin and scalp and progressed over his trunk and hands and subsequently to his legs comprar priligy . His palms and soles were covered by a thick level of keratin with an orange hue. There was no previous background of a similar episode. The patient had not been on any medications. The skin biopsies demonstrated a thickened epidermis and a loose laminated stratum corneum with retained nuclei . The underlying dermis showed a scant infiltrate of lymphocytes lacking atypia ..

A potentially curable disease: optimising testis cancer treatment Modern treatment and management of testis cancer means that survival rates for patients with early disease approach 100 percent, and at least 70 percent for those with advanced disease. Although survival rates are fairly high, patients and their own families will need counselling through all stages of analysis and treatment. Patients with testis tumor usually present with a painless, hard, swollen mass in the testis. Initial investigations comprise testicular ultrasonography and evaluation of the tumour markers -human chorionic gonadotropin and alfa-fetoprotein . Once testis tumor has been diagnosed patients should be referred to a urologist for staging investigations and surgical orchidectomy .