Interaction graphs may be used to pool period series data of many patients and thus to measure the common underlying dependency framework of a group of patients. The graphical representation is quickly comprehensible and allows to distinguish between direct and indirect relationships.. A new way for analysing the therapy process In clinical settings, therapy processes are complex dynamical systems where several variables are constantly interacting with each other. In general, the underlying mechanisms are tough to assess. The new approach studied at the University of Heidelberg and released in the March 2005 issue of Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics, consists of identifying the dependency structure of relevant variables within the treatment process using interaction graphs.That’s the inside of your body. Many fall for the trap of using temporary relief treatment which simply tackles the symptoms but doesn’t really reach the core issue of the problem. An acne diet needs to be on your Solutions grocery list. Diets for pimples start with researching just what foods are bad for you and those will aggravate the problem. A diet for acne can simply be sticking to a diet low in sugary foods or acquiring sugar completely out from the equation. Fighting back against pimples issues does not have to end up being about medications. It starts with you and everything you are eating. Perhaps moreover, how you are consuming. Do you see your problems are even worse after eating particular foodstuffs or drinks.