Alcohol advertising pre-disposes teenagers to have favorable attitudes toward drinking The alcohol industry has regulates and formulated its guidelines regarding advertising. A new research has investigated the ability of panels to find consensus around code violations. Results indicate that a modified Delphi Technique may enhance the ability of regulatory companies to monitor this content of alcohol-beverage advertising . In order to avoid exposing vulnerable organizations such as children and young adults to alcohol marketing, industry groups are suffering from their own self-regulation guidelines. However, these suggestions have been criticized for feasible conflict of interest, lack of objectivity, and unresponsiveness to problems about violations.

Alcohol and impulsivity are a dangerous mix Alcohol and impulsivity are a dangerous combine: People who have current drinking problems and poor impulse control are more likely to die in the next 15 years, a new study suggests. Nevertheless, they could easily get by with just a little help from their close friends: The study also discovered that a strong social support network buffers the toxic ramifications of impulsivity. To observe whether impulsivity posed a risk for alcohol abusers, the researchers tested 515 people if they sought help for drinking problems and again twelve months later first, and then the researchers adopted them for another 15 years.