Submissions were received by the judges and Digital Healthcare beat 15 other candidates in the acute category which rewards the best clinical or patient information system in an acute care.. – Clinical / Patient Information Systems category for OptoMize iP its innovative software system that in the community eye screening programs for the detection and monitoring of diabetic retinopathy, a disease of the Digital Healthcare has the Best in Class Partner Award Acute Care won the retina, which is the single largest cause of blindness in the UK. The software combines advanced digital imaging system digital images digital images of the retina, with a fully automated, computerized patient records.

‘.. The Acute Care – Clinical / Patient Information Systems category rewards the best clinical or patient information system in an acute care. Such systems are computer-based patient record, digital dictation / transcription, care management, surgery, results / evaluate use, PACS / radiology, pharmacy, Computerized Physician Order Entry / medication, information software and telemedicine .

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Tamar Tennenbaum , a the life sciences scientists specialized on dermatology world renowned for its research in the area of wound healing. To HO-03-03 ‘, the of the leading companies product on a disruptive technology , is effective for the treatment three categories of of chronic wounds: diabetes, vein and pressure ulcers. The product exhibited promising results preclinical trials and first phase of Israel.. According to Dr Or are Announces Auspicious results of into the first phase Clinical Trial by its Leading Productpilot for chronic wound healing – announced concentrates Heal – Oder, a biopharmaceutical company developing in developing therapeutics based for the healing promising results in the first phase of clinical trials with its the leading product HO-03-03 for the healing of chronic wounds in 3 medical centers in of Israel.