In 2005, landmark genetic study linked a number of genes associated with systemic lupus erythematosus or lupus, a debilitating autoimmune disease that affects 1.4 million Americans 1.4 million Americans identified genes Lupus By International Consortium.

Langenfeld, director of the Center for Public Health Genomics at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, also noted how satisfying the results of study were. ‘This is one of those things, the smile at the end of your career, you can look at and can, because you believe it to make a real difference. ‘.

The results also showed evidence that lupus to nine other genes. ‘I would finding a the search for a gene. The fact that we present 13 strong candidates, supported by data, percent accurate percent accurate tremendously,’added Harley, director of the Arthritis and Immunology Research Program at the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation in Oklahoma City.Multiple sclerosis an autoimmune disease in the person will be created no response.ey was had been treating relapsing multiple sclerosis that has been interferon beta for 6 months, but with no response. But surprisingly, when the new immune system is created 2 percent tolerant Last white cells themselves, as Burt said:.

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