Aiming at solving this nagging problem, doctor Lee Xiaoping offers studied for a lot more than 30 years and finally developed a kind of medicine–Fuyan pill, manufactured from plantain seed, peach seed, pink herb, polygonum aviculare and various other herbs. Theses herbs could work straight into the lesion and remove the inflammation as efficiently as the antibiotics. Nonetheless it won’t have side-effect during the process of promoting the blood circulation in the pelvic cavity and clearing temperature.In the meantime, the consuming of pork is normally condemned no less than four moments in the Qur’an of Islam. While no direct reason is given because of this condemnation, many Muslims think that for the reason that pigs are disease-ridden pets. The spiritual texts are correctThough research and religion share a similar perspective rarely, there are many scientifically valid known reasons for this spiritual condemnation of pork. Pigs really are dirty, unclean pets that eat almost anything, including rotten food, urine, feces, maggot-infested carcasses and cancerous growths sometimes. That is the nature of the scavenger, and becoming raised on an organic, sustainable farm won’t change that nature. This unpleasant diet wouldn’t necessarily be considered a problem for human beings if pigs got a digestive system that successfully removed the poisons from their bodies, but therein lies the issue: They don’t really.