Indian tea is a nationwide pride and it should not be the one associated with toxic chemicals with severe environmental and health threats. All stakeholders in the tea industry should come ahead and take steps to safeguard the reputation of our national beverage, said Neha Saigal, a senior campaigner for Greenpeace India. The Tea Table of India, consisting of 31 associates from the market including tea makers, tea traders, tea agents, representatives and customers of governments from the principal tea-producing states and trade unions, argued that Indian teas are totally safe.By this simple indications and sign user will come find out about unsuccessful abortion. Will it be a smart decision to choose abortion again? Many women possess the query in their brain and they think twice before going for another abortion if they have already had one during the past. But there is absolutely no damage in performing abortion for the second time. As if previously the user has gone through with the successful abortion without any complications then she can opt for it again it will not cause any problem to her health. Can user get pregnant after abortion? Undoubtedly, user may become pregnant and there will never be any complications involved with her being pregnant. If the abortion process has done safely without the risk then ladies can certainly conceive and can have a healthy baby in future.