Global initiatives for Green Chemistry such as the conventions from Stockholm, Basel and Rotterdam, the OECD and the regulatory authorities of developed countries are working to create global specifications for sustainable risk and chemicals management. With the focus on Green in IT , experts will discuss latest advancements of Green IT technology based on recent successful projects in order to make processes more efficient, save resources and energy and keep your charges down.Also, specialists insist that low back again pain within an adolescent is related to psychosocial factors. The chance of experiencing discomfort is greater in those teenagers with certain behaviors such as for example smoking or who reside in families with additional people who suffer low back again pain. ‘It is a huge risk to cause interpersonal alarm just because low back pain may be so prevalent, since its real impact is lower in 90 percent of situations. Consequently no restrictive measure would need to be taken in this population, only encourage them to keep leading a normal life rather than ‘medicalise’ a problem which is perhaps not that important. Pain treatment in Spain Virtually all patients who visit a rheumatologist have some kind of pain.