New York City, New and Cleveland Mexico signed onto the offer. Ecosse has not filed issues against New and Cleveland Mexico and a spokesman for NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg, said he didn’t know if Ecosse acquired filed a complaint against the city, but said the populous city has not paid Illinois for the flu shots.. $2.6 million complaint filed against Illinois by British Ecosse Hospital Products Gov. Rod Blagojevich of Illinois has had a legal complaint demanding nearly $2.6 million filed against him by a Uk wholesaler Ecosse Hospital Items Ltd. For 254,250 doses of a flu vaccine purchased by Blagojevich to provide a large number of flu vaccine dosages for Illinois.No significant upsurge in risk was noticed after dosage 2 or dose 3. In the cohort evaluation , there was a significant attributable risk after dosage 1 however, not after the other doses . RV1 After dose 1, there was just one case of intussusception in the chance interval, and there were simply no cases in the control interval. The attributable risk in the SCRI analysis had not been significant for either dosage. However, the cohort analysis showed a significant attributable risk after dosage 2 . Substitute Age Adjustment Results after choice adjustment for age are shown in Desk 1 and Table 2; results after dose 1 of RV5 are also shown in Figure 1Figure 1Attributable Threat of Intussusception after the Initial Dose of RotaTeq Rotavirus Vaccine. In both SCRI and cohort analyses, when the quadratic risk function from the analysis population was used instead of the prices from Tate et al.,25 the dose 1 risk estimates had been somewhat lower.