The patent shall apply until 2020. Related StoriesUniversity of Manchester researchers identify brain system that raises pain thresholdArthritis patients to be greater contributors to clinical guideline developmentScientists identify fresh protein that regulates severity of tissue damage due to RAThe patent is part of a portfolio of patents taken out by 4SC AG for SC12267 and a group of chemically related DHODH inhibitors. Here, in July 2006 an initial US patent had been granted back. Corresponding patent applications for the substances are pending in Europe, China, India and additional countries. ‘The patent expands our portfolio of patents by a central component thereby creating the perfect conditions for a potential licensing partnership within the scope of the project,’ clarifies Ulrich Dauer, CEO of 4SC AG.The more alcoholic beverages the participants drank, the more ready they were to engage in unsafe sex, the study authors said. For every 0.1 milligrams per milliliter increase in bloodstream alcohol level, there was a 5 % increase in a participant’s odds of having unsafe sex. In the January issue of the journal Addiction The analysis is published. The researchers noted that not all studies which have examined this link have been published, and after they accounted for this, the elevated probability of having sex after consuming could be only 3 %.”.

AIDS Healthcare Foundation praises Thai actions on AIDS drug licensing AIDS Healthcare Basis , the US’ largest HIV/AIDS prevention and healthcare and education provider, which operates free AIDS treatment clinics in america, Africa, Latin Asia and America/Caribbean, praised the national authorities of Thailand for its intend to break the patents on some lifesaving drugs, including one for an anti – retroviral drug used in the treating HIV/Helps.