This shows that ‘it's the HA itself that’s likely the cause for this malignant transformation,’ Harley said. ‘When you have a material which allows you to selectively tune up or down malignancy, which will enable you to ask lots of questions about treatment options for even more malignant or much less malignant types of glioma. It also will allow scientists to get a response that's nearer to what you see in the body,’ he said. ‘If you talk to pathologists, they'll mention a biomaterial shall by no means enable you to grow a full brain tumor, which is true probably,’ Harley said. ‘But it's realistic to think that a well-designed biomaterial will allow you to study areas of glioma growth and treatment in ways that's very much richer than simply seeking in a petri dish and much more accessible than trying to study tumor advancement within the mind itself.’..A research team from the University of Montreal in Canada has published the result of a study in the Canadian Journal of Cardiology that shows how eating an individual junk food meal composed primarily of saturated fats is harmful to the health of the arteries. They also found that no damage occurs after consuming a Mediterranean food rich in good fats such as for example mono-and polyunsaturated essential fatty acids. One junk food meal decreases vessel elasticity by almost one-quarter to increase heart attack riskMedical researchers have been studying the consequences of different foods on the endothelium, the important inner lining of the arteries that regulates the elasticity of vessels and rushes oxygenated blood to the cardiac muscle.