While professionals say everyone needs to take responsibility for their own health and people have the power in order to avoid HIV by just following rules of secure sex, the authors of the study say general voluntary testing accompanied by immediate ART could have additional public health benefits such as reducing the incidence of tuberculosis and the transmission of HIV from mom to child. Such assessment they state could result in a significant reduced amount of HIV-related deaths in poor countries struggling to cope with HIV epidemics. At present the WHO policy on HIV treatment requires voluntary testing and scientific and/or immunological evaluation to determine eligibility for treatment with antiretrovirals and WHO recommend preventive interventions including male circumcision, partner reduction, appropriate and consistent use of condoms, and interventions targeting most-at-risk populations, also referred to as ‘combination prevention.’ A gathering early next yr aims to bring together all those involved in HIV prevention to go over issues associated with the wider use of antiretroviral therapy.Always stay connected with every instruction by hearing carefully to the sensation of your body so that you can overcome any distraction. Concept #6 Your knees must always be bent through the entire form. Your height should never up bob down and. There are several considerations but even while, your height should always be maintained at a level that is constant. Concept #7 The charged power of Tai Chi may travel opposing to the movement. It starts from your toes, increasing to the hip and legs, controlling the Waist, spine, shoulders, and you will be released by the tactile hands and fingers. Concept #8 Your head must be preserved as if it had been suspended on air. Concept #9 Your chest should be depressed as well as your back should be raised but this must be done effortlessly.