2 show blood flow changes are linked to obesity hypertension animal studies, cardiac output and blood flow to adipose tissue and some other regions increases with weight gain. In humans, this seems to be the case. Cardiac output at rest is raised and parallels the increase in resting oxygen consumption, while systemic vascular resistance is similar to, or reduced in comparison with non – obese obese persons.

For the case, but for two junior faculty members in engineering at the University of Houston .. There is increasing evidence, including associated with an increase of the central arterial stiffness, and loss of weight reduces arterial stiffness. Furthermore, arterial stiffness seems be close with abdominal visceral fat than whole body adiposity measures. The mechanisms responsible for arterial stiffening obese humans are unclear, but endothelial dysfunction, elevated advanced glycation end products, and collagen cross-linking may play a role.

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