There were no full cases of fire or chemical skin burn in the operating room. A total of seven patients passed away: four ,9,24 but hospitals were permitted to continue their preexisting methods, which offer potential however, not established protecting efficacy .25 However, we controlled the effect of differences in hospital practices by using hospital-stratified randomization, which ensured close complementing of the two study groups and also trial results which are applicable to a broadly representative population of hospitalized patients. Since two thirds of surgical-site attacks are confined to the incision,9,11 optimizing skin antisepsis before medical procedures could result in a substantial clinical benefit.. Rabih O. Darouiche, M.D., Matthew J. Wall, Jr., M.D., Kamal M.F.Children experienced a special health care need, and significant proportions of their families experience financial complications linked to the child’s condition, in the September issue of the Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine according to articles. Kids with SHCNs are defined as those children who have or are at elevated risk for a chronic physical, developmental, behavioral, or emotional condition and who also require health care-related providers of a type or quantity beyond that required by kids generally, according to the federal government Maternal and Child Health Care Bureau. These children are also at an increased risk for mental and behavioral problems, and missing school days, according to the content.